pickle juice uses

What can you do with that leftover pickle juice?

What if you made too much pickle juice?

first, what kind of pickle juice is it?

leftover-pickling-juiceleftover-pickling-juice by the author, MMARSHALL

Different types of pickle juice have different uses. A vinegar-based juice will be lower in salt and electrolytes than a ferment-based pickle juice.  

Here, we see some leftover Bread and Butter Pickling Juice without spices that I later used to glaze some pork. 

is it fresh juice? or after the pickles are used up?

* Fresh salted water for fermenting isn't as valuable to you as the used probiotic-rich juice from a fermented batch of pickles.

* Fresh vinegar-based pickle juice without spices can be very useful in cooking but needs to be heated to make pickles, while the juice left in the jar after eating the pickles has all those wonderful flavors from the spices, ready to make more pickles. 

What do you want to get from your extra juice?

  • If you are trying to stave off dehydration (or muscle cramps), a salt-based pickle juice can be helpful. It can be especially helpful if you follow a low-carbohydrate diet during the "KETO flu."
  • If you are trying to improve your gut health, the probiotics in the juice from a fermented pickle will be helpful. 
  • If you need lactic acid for a non-acid food like green beans or cooked dry beans, then the leftover juice from a ferment is very helpful to start the fermenting process.
  • Lactic acid can also be used to start yogurt or cheese fermentations.
  • Lactic acid can start bread or beverage fermentations.
  • If you have leftover vinegar pickle juice, it can make a wonderful addition to sauces and marinades, with or without added spices.
  • All your leftover pickle juices can be used again to make another batch of pickles!

Do you have any ideas for using up your leftover pickle juice?

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