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October 07, 2023
Dear Friends

Welcome Issue

Why Not Pickle It?

True Confession Time...

I was overwhelmed last week so I placed an order on DoorDash.

Usually, they are pretty good, but this time it was strange! I don't know how it happened, but a 20 oz. bag of frozen Hash Browns got turned into 5-28 oz. bags!

I didn't know what to do. I don't have a large freezer to keep them good until I can use them. I live in an apartment with smallish, apartment sized appliances.

Well, I took a break, had lunch, and decided to get out my trusty Norelco dehydrator. It took all 8 trays and 12 full hours, but I dehydrated two of the packages. I was able to squeeze the other three bags into the freezer by breaking them down to 4 oz. meal-sized portions.

I ended up with a quart jar full of dehydrated hash browns. I popped in a moisture absorber and vacuum-sealed the jar. They will be shelf-stable for 6 months, as long as I don't open the jar.

Amazon Prime Day

I promise to not send you a lot of sales stuff, since I'm all about the education.

BUT, that being said, Amazon Prime Day is this week, on October 9th. What better way to welcome my subscribers than to tell you about the benefits I receive as a Prime member?

I not only get dedicated shipping days, but I also get Prime TV and movies, and Prime music. All included. Some smaller sellers participate in free shipping to me, too.

So, here are some items you might want to check out. In today's flash deals, there was only 1 item - an air fryer. While it looked good, I'm hoping some of these items will be offered as well.

If you don't want or need any of these, don't shop. We all know how addictive it can be on Prime day at Amazon.

**I am an Amazon Affiliate, so your purchase will help support this website.

Meanwhile, I hope you will come back often and follow my adventures in Food Preservation.

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