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January 01, 2024
Dear Friends


January Canning Challenge

Why Not Pickle It?

Or at least preserve it for later?

Canning, dehydrating and freezing seem to be popular options.

There is always the "repurpose" option, too. Make hash, use veggies in breads, casseroles, and "tettrazini" style dishes with pasta.

Whatever you end up with is sure to be delicious. Jump in there!

Why not?

Who made up those rigid rules, anyway???

What is Canuary?

Canuary is a series of canning challenges laid out by some experienced canners to test - and improve - canning skills for all levels of cooks. Most of these founders are homesteaders who grow and buy their food locally. All of them see a home pantry as a way to protect and provide for their family.

I found them on YouTube. The most prominent of the ringleaders are (in no particular order):

  • Suttons Daze
  • Lindas Pantry
  • That 1870's Homestead
  • The Inquisitive Farmwife
  • Pike Creek Farm
  • Leelou Creates
  • Prepper Potpourri
  • Big Valley Living
  • Table of Three
  • Whipporwill Hollar

I hope you will check out their channels, and maybe try some of the challenges.

Meanwhile, you may need some canning supplies. Here is a list of my favorite things.


I find these on Amazon, so if you purchase from my links you support this website and help me keep going.

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