kosher dill pickles 2 ways

There are two ways to make pickles: Soaking in a Vinegar solution; and Fermenting in a Salt solution.

Here, I'm making a Kosher Dill Pickle recipe both ways. 

the vegetables

In both recipes, the vegetables are the same: cucumbers and garlic. I added fresh Dill to make them Dill flavored Kosher pickles. I added a few peppercorns and a crumbled bay leaf to each jar.

Both recipes used salt. A salt solution for the ferment, and much less salt sprinkled on top of the vegetables in the vinegar pickle recipe. 

I used distilled water and kosher salt.

I did NOT pre-dissolve the salt for the ferment, which may affect the results. Instead, I dribbled distilled water over the salt to incorporate it into a solution.

The only real difference was the vinegar solution for a vinegar pickle. I simmered white vinegar and water, in roughly equal amounts, and ladled it over the raw vegetables.

38oz-jar38oz-jar from Walmart
sekmet-glass-widemouth-weightssekmet-glass-widemouth-weights from Amazon

For the fermented pickles, I used this jar and one of the glass weights to keep the veg submerged in the solution. I took the lid off for the duration of the fermenting process. I used cheesecloth over the open jar secured with a rubber band.

Once processed for 14 days, I took out the weight and re-attached the lid.

For the vinegar pickles, I used a standard wide mouth jar for the spears, and a 17.5oz size of the jar above for the slices. I got that jar from Walmart also.

vinegar-kosherdill1-spearsvinegar-kosher dill 1-spears
vinegar-kosherdill2-slicesvinegar-kosher dill 2-slices
ferment-kosher dill beforeferment-kosher dill before




Failed Fermentation

On the left are 2 versions of the vinegar pickles. On the right, the ferment process beginning & end.

check back for the results!

OH MY!!!!!

To be honest, I'm not sure how these will turn out. 

  • Was it a mistake to add salt to the Vinegar recipe?
  • Did I cut the spears short enough so that the Fermenting process will work right?
  • Was I wrong to not pre-mix the salt and water in the ferment?

It will be 14 days before I check the ferment.  To be fair, I'm going to leave the vinegar pickles that long, too.

finish and sealing...

I did not seal the jars. I put the Vinegar recipe in the fridge. Once the ferment is finished, I'll chill the product and do a taste test.